And The Award Goes To…..

I’m so flattered! *blush*
I promise my speech won’t be long…
I would like to thank crochethoughts for the sweet kindness she has bestowed upon me by awarding my blog with the “One Lovely Blog Award”
Isn’t she a sweetheart….you’ll never guess what she does…I can tell you she just doesn’t think about crochet, she creates wonderful designs. Go take a peek!
Okay, now we all know it is better to give than receive…so I would like to honor fifteen of my favorite creative friends….Help me make them feel so special today.

Hugs to you miss marcia…thank you for thinking of me!

3 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To…..

  1. Thank you for thinking of me! It will be a day or two, but I can't wait to share this with some other oh so talented artists and bloggers!

  2. You do have the loveliest blog!! I need your creative input for qd renewal blog! thanks for the love.. you are an amazing giver!

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