Out of my Garden, Into a Pickle Jar

Pictured below is a Gladiola that my friend Karen let me take from her garden before she moved to Illinois nine years ago. I love the color of this flower, so sweet and delicate. So why do I have it in my backyard where my dogs can trample on it? Because for some reason that is where it grows the best. So I leave it there and year after year it never disappoints me.

Rudy & Rover leave it alone long enough to get some beautiful blooms. This weekend they were so pretty…just had to cut and bring inside so I could enjoy. I placed in a quart sized mason jar (because I’m so fancy and remember I don’t throw things away) added some fresh sprigs of mint (also from my garden) and a ribbon of raffia. Smell and color…don’t you wish you could scratch and sniff the screen?

I guess you would never believe me if I told you that my gardening skills are not the greatest. For some unknown reason this beautiful plant has continued to thrive in my yard. So I will continue to enjoy it’s beauty…even if it is my only gardening success story!

What do you have growing in your garden this year?

One thought on “Out of my Garden, Into a Pickle Jar

  1. I only have one gardening success story and it’s still in progress. Our hanging ivies are coming back to life! One eaten by the deer, one sacrificed for the baby birds. A good watering every week (b/c that is all I can manage to remember) and they’re slowly filling out.

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