Barbed Wire Tango….

Thank you for your patience….Rustique Art Barbed Wire Crosses are back!!!!

After a long hot summer, the weather is beginning to cool a bit and I feel the tiny bit of crispness in the morning air. Let me repeat……..TINY bit! Forever the optimist? I dare say!
Why is weather important to my Barbed Wire Crosses? Great question….you see I have to create these wonderful designs outside to prevent gouges in my walls and furniture. I wear heavy clothing to protect my flesh and it can get a little sticky! (pun intended)
So….needless to say when it is reaching 100 degrees outside I’m not much in favor of going out and sweating and getting popped with the barbs.
I should have some stock made up here in the next couple of weeks. But hey!…..feel free to get those orders placed now. The stock tends to go quickly the closer is gets to Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Barbed Wire Tango….

  1. Cindi these barbed wire crosses are really unique…and a great idea. I’ll have to check them out in your shop…really gets to the *point* of how Christ’s pain had to be when crowned with those thorns!!!! Bevie

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