Recipe 911

Hey look….I’m back! I told you May was going to be a rough month and my arms are very sore from moving those mountains….LOL! More about sore arms in a later post.

Not much time, so real quick. I threw together some enchiladas tonight and thought that I remembered Autumn (my precious first born) telling me how to make enchilada sauce from scratch. Well let’s just say….from pantry and fridge items on hand.
She told me to mix tomato sauce or paste (diluted) with chili powder, cumin and some garlic powder.
Great….I didn’t have any tomato sauce or paste. I did have some tomato juice….and so (here’s the 911 part) I was adding black beans to my recipe anyway, so I mushed 1/2 of the can of beans in a bowl and added some juice and mixed in the spices….viola! Instant enchilada sauce! And then I mixed some tomato juice with some sour cream and poured over the enchiladas and other sauce….added cheese and chopped green onion.

Yum….cooking from scratch is fun!
I took a picture but food just does not photograph well…food photography is a real talent.

One thought on “Recipe 911

  1. It sounds yummy! Hope all is well with you. Summer is crazy for me with all the kiddos at home but I am hoping to be semi-productive. We’ll see how it goes. Take Care!

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