In the Blink of May!

Does the title of this post give you a clue?
I looked at my May calender and almost lost my ability to breathe….over scheduling is not my problem, it’s just the activities that go with this month is more than I can imagine getting accomplished in a mere 31 days. I know that I will look back in amazement and wonder how it all got done. But that is another perspective, one of completion. I’m standing at the beginning and seeing many mountains.
Now, this is where I tell you that “our God” can move those mountains…and yes I have already given this over to Him….when I think about it, His tasks this month are far more overwhelming than mine! Yep, He has a lot of work to do “in” me to get me over those mountains. But I know God can handle me and my mountains. I just smile with joy when thinking about this whole 31 day, mountain moving marathon.

First thing first…..I have to decide… I want to be Martha…or do I want to be Mary? Hummmmmm……I “want” to be Mary! What do you think? Can I place myself at the feet of Jesus for a whole 31 days and let God’s wisdom sink into my heart in the deepest recesses of my being. Or will I take it upon myself to get it “all” done and make my family and friends miserable while doing it?
A real nail biter isn’t it?
Dah…, it’s a no brainer!
Okay friends, family, readers and lurkers, in case you haven’t realized, I’ve just humbled myself, given you the reins of accountability and challenged you to share my adventures of mountain moving in May! Let’s get moving!

Mountain #1 – Answers to the Bible trivia!

A: Last word of the Bible – “Amen” Revelation 22:21

A: Sleepless nights for King Nebuchandnezzar’s – Because of his dreams. Daniel 2

A: The number of gates in the wall of Jerusalem – 10 can you name them? Nehemiah 3:1– just keep reading! it’s a great story of leadership and triumph.

A: The shape of the walled area from above – looks like a right foot print! Wow! Nehemiah 3 – depending on what Bible you have. Mine is Life Application Study NIV

A: More desirable than great riches – A good name! Proverbs 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
So? How did you do? Well if it made you pick up your Bible and open it…then you did great!

Mountain #2 – Go shopping for home decor items. Why is this a mountain? Because those of you who know me so well, know that I hate to shop!
But look what I found yesterday!

This is a whole seperate post….but sooooo cool! It’s prettier in front of you…this was taken on my phone camera! No bad, but the colors are wrong!

More mountains to come…gotta go shop for a curtain rod and more!

Reminder: today is the last day of the Mother’s Day sale and only 4 more days to get your entry in for the giveaway!

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