Bible Trivia

Proof that our family can fall asleep anywhere and anytime of the day! While they sleep….

Let’s play a game!
I love trivia because I love to learn. And my favorite kind of trivia is Bible trivia. So who of you couldn’t use more knowledge about the word of God? hummmm?
I’ll start easy……

Q: What is the last word of the Bible? No fair peeking!

Q: What was the reason for King Nebuchandnezzar’s sleepless nights?

Q: How many gates were in the wall around the city of Jerusalem?

Q: From above what part of the human body did the wall of Jerusalem take the shape of?

Q: According to Solomon’s Proverb, what is more desirable than great riches?

Have fun and learn much! I have to go to bed or tomorrow at work I will look like Jake in the picture at top. Night, night =)

Answers will be posted on May 1st…..let’s see who get’s the most correct!

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