Mother may I ?

Remember that game? Take two baby steps backwards….Mother may I?

Now tell me something….if you tell your 12 year old son to take out the trash, do you really think your going to hear those three little words? hummm?


Or, you asked your sweet 15 year old daughter to empty the dishwasher….Mother may I? Yeah right!!!! LOL!

I do hear a lot of these famous sayings:
“Mother can you?”, “Mom will you?” or “Momma, when you go….can you take….?” or this classic, “Moooooom! where’s my….?”

So here’s what I’m thinking, everytime they ask and I answer with words of kindness like: “yes, I can”, “yes, I will”, “of course, jump in”…. this moves them a little bit “closer” to me. Then the clincher….the uncanny way of how mom’s always know just where those important things are (it’s because we picked them up for the 1000th time and placed the object in it’s proper place) they breath that huge sigh of relief and say “thank you!”

Now there they are, standing right in front of you full of gratitude and they give you a hug….they’re so unknowing and vulnerable, it’s your chance to reach out and grab them, hug them tight and smother with tickles and kisses.

They scream “MOM…stop!” giggles and snorts….fall on the floor laughing….make them say it….”Mother may I?” “Uncle?” “Mercy?”

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