Back in Black!

Very simple and completely elegant….I love this design!
Cross pendant measures 1.75″ approx. shaped out of non-tarnishing silver wire into the divine shape of the cross. Black faceted crystals in a flower component complete the classic look of basic black.
Pendant is a perfect weight so that it lays very nicely right below the hollow of the neck. However, this necklace has sterling silver extension chain to give additional length if needed. A little silver heart attached for a finished look from behind.
A wide organza ribbon gives this design the look of a “feminine” black tie attire.
This necklace is now available in my Etsy shop!

2 thoughts on “Back in Black!

  1. This piece makes a statement. And the extension chain is the perfect touch! ;^) Your artistic talents grow every day!

  2. Cindi, what an aboslutely beautiful cross!The one thing I can tell you about my Mama is that she is my biggest cheerleader and biggest fan. No matter what I have done in my life, good or bad, my Mama has supported me. She always builds me up and has NEVER knocked me down. She has a heart after Jesus because she loves with no bounds and no end. She is a giver and doesn’t know how to take. She is what I like to call the world’s Mom because she takes everyone under her wing and shows them love.She is my hero and what I aspire to be as a woman and mother. Okay, so maybe that was more than one thing, but how in the world can you describe your best friend in one word, anyway?Leahhttp://Sugarfoots.etsy.comhttp://TheDreamGiver.etsy.com

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