Eating out…..

I have to share with you this super easy recipe for the upcoming
eat outside every night” season!

We have a pool and we love to play in it as much as we can. That means we like to grill while we’re out there and why not eat outside as much as possible!
Our family loves to be outside in the spring and summer months so we find a lot of excuses to be out in the backyard.

Here’s a run down of our weekends during the summer…..

Wake up……have coffee outside!

Get swim suit on with shorts and t-shirt for those quick trips to Home Depot or Lowes for….something! You know how it works! Get outside and you always need something from the home and garden center….right!

Get veggies and fruit cut up and ready to grab when needed! Make ice tea or lemonade for later.

Play with kids! Have one more cup of coffee and now we switch to water!

Think about dinner long enough to grab something out of freezer so that it will be thawed by the time we remember to make dinner.

Play, work, weed, mow, swim, play more….kids are hungry? Go grab the veggies and fruit along with some cheese and pretzels. Throw it all out on the table “outside”…..yell, “come and get it!” Sit, eat and talk about that flower bed that needs to be spruced up…..nothing is ever left to clean up because my kids eat like termites….throw away trash and play some more, weed, rake, relax!

Okay, now you remember dinner!

We go to church on Saturday night….so about 3:00 we start to clean up. Baths, clean clothes and what about dinner….church is at 6:00 we get home about 7:30.
The first thing out of Jake’s (dear son) mouth is “what’s for dinner?” Is that all they think about? at 12 years of age, I think so!
Well remember I laid out something about three paragraphs ago!

So here’s the secret to the easy summer meal….
One bag of shredded coleslaw mix or bag of salad
Three “cutie” oranges, you know the little sweet oranges…love them!
Sunflower seeds…I use the Naturally Preferred Organic…they are raw and unsalted.
1/2 cup of Craisins (dried cranberries)
Toss in large bowl and add Newman’s Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing…toss and serve! Yummo!

You do this while hubby is grilling of course so it all gets done at the same time.
We are usually grilling chicken and this is perfect with grilled chicken. Add a couple of slices of Cantaloupe on the side grab the iced tea and you have a wonderful meal….outside of course!

Light some candles and turn on the pool lights…..a lovely meal with your family!

And we get to do it all again the next day!!!!!

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