Bling’n in the Spring!

Fresh as a daisy!

These are as fresh as you can get, just jumping off of the workbench and ready for my Etsy shop and the Rustique Art site! A great gift for Mother’s Day…which by the way is 5 weeks from today! In fact they are so fresh that I havn’t even put them in the shops yet. Your the first to see.
I’ll be busy putting these little cuties on the site in the next couple of days….so get ready to click, click, click…..

“Mother’s Day” special price until May 1st all keyrings are 10% off….wow! Now you can get two for under $20! And, when you buy two….I’ll pay shipping!

AND…..How about a giveaway! Easy to do, just post a comment telling me something special about your Mom. It could be anything or more than one thing.
While your at it go ahead and subscribe to my blog, that way you won’t ever miss out on the latest and greatest.
Get busy posting those comments….i’ll be annoucing the winner on May 4th….spread the love!

One more thing….take time in your day everyday to stop…thank God for His blessings, hug your babies and tell them more than once that you love them, tell your husband or wife that they make your heart skip a beat when they look at you, call one friend or more each day and catch up on their life, do at least one random act of kindness, find a kind word to say about the person driving slow in front of you and treat yourself to at least 15 minutes of sunshine.

8 thoughts on “Bling’n in the Spring!

  1. My mom is amazing. She thinks I’m the greatest, she adores my husband, she can’t get enough of my children (even the 4 legged ones) and she taught me how to love others. I couldn’t ask for a better mom.

  2. I love my mom. She is my best friend and one of the reasons I am a Christian. She amazes me with her strength and her determination.

  3. My mom made me into the person I am today. She taught me morals and values and shaped me. i was brought up in the church, and she is the reason I became a christian, and still am today. Most importantly, she helps me to be confident and love myself.

  4. I miss my Mother so very much. She & I were very much alike and because of that, we often butted heads. But we had so many good times together. We had the most fun canning vegetables together…lots of sharing and laughing. We loved to take road trips together. Since she has passed away, I am able to better understand her love for all her children. I wish, more than anything, that God would give me 5 more minutes with her to tell her I am sorry for the difficult times, for the unkind things I said to her and for not telling her more that I loved her.I love you Mother and miss you so very much. Thank you for loving me, especially at the times I was not very lovable.

  5. I met my mom when I was six years old and living in a Foster home with my brothers and sisters. She was my Sunday School Teacher and I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She and my dad adopted me. I’ll be fifty years old this year and I still think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Thanks Mom!

  6. Your cross is adorable ! My mom is 89 !!!! She is the one that inspired me to be creative, she painted , made wedding cakes, and sewed all of our clothing ! And most important God was first in her life.

  7. Hi Cindi – I saw your post on the CAST yahoo group. My mom is a great lady who still has a heart for missions and giving to others even though she has had a tough few years. Lots of things have been taken away from her through the circumstances of life, and yet she still gives what she does have (time, money, and talent) to orphaned children in Africa. She continually sets an example for me to show my children about the agape love of God. ❤ lexi from Alexia Jean dot etsy dot com

  8. I wasn’t very close to my biological mother… she had many emotional problems…but there was a lady in my life that meant more to me than any person in this world! I have always thought of her as my real mother! Jo never married.. or had children of her own…. she spent most of her early adult life caring for her bed ridden mother… she would not put her in a nursing home… she insisted on caring for her herself! Jo was a distant relative and she took me under her wing when I was 18. I was never taught things by my mom… so I was just out there learning the best that I could. I didn’t know how to cook, clean house, I didn’t know Christ or anything about how to live like him! Ok, I will admit it… I was wild! I married at 18 and became pregnant 6 months later… that’s where Jo came in… she held my hand all the way and taught me so very much! She was there for me up to last year when she past away! Jo was a very special lady.. I was so lucky that God brought her into my life! If it hadn’t been for her.. I don’t know where I would be right now! Thank you God for JO!

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