Just one more shop…and then I’ll stop!

Okay…I am officially addicted to Etsy! So much that I “had” to open another shop. Well also because I have accumulated over the years a few closets and a china hutch full of beautiful “junk”! And I must begin to let it go….so that I can accumulate more….of course!

Please join me in celebrating the opening of MUGGSEY & MAE vintage collectables. I will be adding items each day, at least that is my goal and collectors beware….I will be putting some cookie jars in the shop.

MUGGSEY & MAE will offer vintage treasures of all types ranging from small little trinkets to ceramics, dishes, jewelry…oh! and I almost forgot, some of the items will be altered a bit…..an example would be….the TeaChimes from Rustique Art.
I might be repositioning some things where I see fit to do. Kind of like decorating one room with items from another…..viola! you have a new look. So….bare with me as I reminisce about items from time to time….because you know every item has a story. Well yeah….(rolling my eyes)

For instance, who the heck is MUGGSEY and MAE?

Okay real quick….well you see, when I was 17 and expecting my sweet little jellybean (daughter Autumn), I went to visit my grandma in Oklahoma. I was really big in the belly and couldn’t reach my shoes to tie them, so I bent over and while down there (for a really long time) I turned my head and saw something shoved way back on a very low self. My grandma had things tucked everywhere….

moving on….

I was intrigued…. so, I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to find my very first treasure. It was a Duck cookie jar! Well, needless to say it was and still is adorable. Behind the duck another treasure waited patiently for my fat little body to get back on all fours and rescue him. He was a precocious looking little doggie cookie jar.

Now those of you who know me, know that I have a name or nickname for everything and almost everyone….especially if I love you most certainly you will have a affectionate nickname from me. The duck became MAE because she has flirty eyes and a sweet expression on her face and Mae is my grandma’s middle name, so it fit quite perfectly. I later came to find out while researching the vast canyon of cookie jar collectables, that the dog cookie jar was made by Shawnee and his name was and still is, “MUGGSY” and it is a patented name.

Are you seeing the words on the wall yet? By the way, Mae…she didn’t have a name from her makers, she is just listed as the Hull Pottery, Duck.

So there ya go…the beginning of an obsessive behavior called, “buy every cookie jar you can find”!
And while I will have Muggsy and Mae forever, some of the others need a good home. What else could I do….I had to open a shop on Etsy! and it needed a name….so it became MUGGSEY & MAE with a slight variation….just so I don’t step on any toes.

One thought on “Just one more shop…and then I’ll stop!

  1. Addicted for sure! But I do like all the enabling you are doing đŸ˜‰ Atleast I have someone other than myself to blame for the spending.

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