Celebrating Haley

Today is my precious granddaughter’s birthday…she is six years old. Oh, my how time flies by. In a blink of my eye she has grown into the most adorable, intelligent, precocious young lady. She has the biggest blue eyes that twinkle when she talks to you. Her smile lights up my world and her humor keeps me laughing until I cry.

Now in case you might be thinking that I sound mighty partial to this little lump of sugar, you would be both wrong and right…..let me explain.

My daughter Autumn and my son in law Michael chose a wonderful way to tell me that my first grandbaby was on the way. They dropped the “at home” test result in my lap as they walked into the room. Wondering what had literally just fallen into my lap I looked down to see this “thing” and it took me about…..two seconds for my brain to kick in and realize that “we were expecting”.

Well not me…but we are a close family! LOL!

About 40 weeks later I get a phone call telling me that “we” are in labor. Now it had been decided that I was not to be at the birth. Breath…..it’s okay….Autumn and Michael had chosen to have their babies at home with the assistance of a midwife. And although I really did want to be there, I also really wanted to respect their first moments of parenthood with their little miracle. So….I stayed home and prayed….and prayed….paced and prayed….paced some more and prayed more. Finally the phone rang and it was Michael…..he was calling to tell me that Autumn had been laboring for several hours (24) and she was very tired and she needed prayer for physical strength to bring this baby into our arms.

Nough said…..I called my prayer warriors and we prayed…..30 minutes later the phone call came and Michael told me that I had a granddaughter! Oh…..praise God…and that Autumn was exhausted but doing well and our baby was perfect. And, that I could come over in the morning! Yeah….you bet your big brown eyes I’ll be there!

That was six years ago today and yes I am partial to my first granddaughter. However….since then our awesome God has blessed us with five more beautiful and most amazing grandbabies. I am humbled….

So you see….this post might never end. I have a lot of bragging to do!

For now though, I think it would be more fun for my readers to gaze upon our first little miracle and celebrate with us six years of Haley Annabelle!

Only hours old….

The beginnings of that beautiful smile

That smile and those eyes….there’s that humor showing at an early age!

Hummmm…we were making dough! Wonder where hers is? Did I mention she has a healthy appetite!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Haley

  1. That made me cry. I love you, Mom!And for any reader’s curiosity she’s been there for all the other births and future ones for sure.

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