Marketing Preparation 101

Here’s the scenario….you go to the grocery store and your oblivious to anyone around you because all you care about is getting what you need and getting home. Then you hear someone say…..”can i look at your cross?” Well, of course that gets my attention and I turn toward the voice. A sweet elderly couple is occupying the same freezer section isle as me. I’m wondering, are they talking to me? They are indeed and they love the shirt I’m wearing. I was wearing my Witness Brilliant Studded Cross shirt and they thought it was stunning! blush, blush…thank you i replied. It was then that the sweet lady added that they love crosses and they collect them.

[raised eyebrows…bling, light goes on…moving into marketing gear]

I repeat, “you collect crosses?” Yes, she replied. Then I proceed to tell them that I make crosses! Woo hoo! grocery store networking at it’s best! She then asked if I have a store and I tell her that I have a online store and asked if they shop online. “YES” they reply!

[moving in for the shameless plug…going for the business cards!]

Noooooooooooo, it can’t be! I don’t have any business cards with me!!!!!! Somebody slap me! you know like in that V8 commercial…..”bonk” on the forehead. Have I lost my mind?

Oh, it gets better… i am fumbling around in my purse looking for a pen, which i can’t find, I’m starting to feel really stupid and so unprofessional.
She has a pen, i say thank you…he has a card to write on, i say thank you…i write my information for them and even note the little quirky underscore in the name. (this would be a hint)

[here’s the stupid part of my story]

I explain to them that they can link to my Witness site through the Rustique Art site, we say our goodbyes and finish our shopping.

It was about at the moment of getting into my car that I realized that I had given them my email address, not my web address! Can you say….STUPID! I can….and did….like 1000 times. Ugh!

If this was a fable it would have a moral….so, the moral to this story would be….

Don’t ever go grocery shopping? No

Wear a shirt with your business card screen printed on it? No

I think 1 Peter 3:15 is the moral I was looking for….
But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

Okay…if you think that I’m streching to make a point, then so be it. However, if I would use God’s example of Marketing Prep 101 and network the way I should be prepared to do as a Christ follower, well then wouldn’t I be prepared in all the ways of my life and business?

If only I could rewind to the frozen food frame of my day…..I would have at least asked them were they attended church or how long have they been collecting crosses. I need to take my eyes off of me and place them on Jesus and others.

One more thing….always have your business cards with you, especially when you go grocery shopping!

*did you notice how many times the word “I” or the form of myself, was in this blog?

31 times…possibly a lesson for another day

Easter at Fellowship Church

2 thoughts on “Marketing Preparation 101

  1. That verse is such a great reminder in so many ways. So fun that you are a blogger now!

  2. Okay – I LOVE it!!! I love the lesson you found in it – I love the way you wrote about it….you are just fabulous…and I love your funny, quirky, insightful mind and your gentle heart;) Much love…Debra

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