Snowy Day!

You gotta love the Texas weather…..70’s one day, snow the next….back to 70’s and thundersnow today! Wow….we have some wild & wackey weather.

This kinda of day allows creativity to blossom and the more it snows outside…..I’m all warm and snuggly inside having a “grab your cup of java stay in your jammies burrow into your studio and play all day” kinda day!

For example….this is why you save buttons before you get rid of clothing!
And even if someone passes on some random beads that you think you’ll never use….think again! This little 3″ ornamental cross was lovingly made from scraps…how sweet! It will probably be the fastest selling design…..since I only have enough nuggets to make one more. Guess I’ll have to dig out some forgotton beads that I stashed somewhere…..Enjoy your snowy day!

One thought on “Snowy Day!

  1. Love it! I’m thinking that I would love to lift the pattern off that button! It’s beautiful!

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