Why is March Mad?

What is the Madness of March? I’m not sure….maybe someone could fill me in! It’s quite possible that the term means the looney mad, not the angry mad. In that case I can relate. I have a show in 5 days and I am beginning to feel a bit crazy. Like, why am I writing in my blog when I could be making a cross? Oh well….chalk it up to madness šŸ˜‰ so funny!
Speaking of the show… details would probably be necessary so that you can save the date and come out to visit me!

What: 2008 March Madness Arts & Crafts Show
When: Satuday March 8, 2008 9am – 4pm
Where: Guyer High School Corinth, Tx (map in link)

You will find me in booth #119 and I would love to see you. In fact…if you print this post and bring it to me, I will give you 25% off one item….I must be MAD!!!!
Esty Dallas will be represented on Saturday by Rustique Art and four other Esty Dallas Team members. While shopping be on the look out for the following Esty Dallas members…. Menagerie #81, TP Design #3, Treasured Trinkets #35 and Cherry’s Creations #99
Stop by and tell them hello and how you found them. We love to talk about Esty Dallas and all of our wonderful artistic friends.

See you Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Why is March Mad?

  1. Hi Cindy,Thanks for the mention in your blog and congratulations on the new blog. It looks great. Welcome to the land of obligation and guilt. Just kidding, I actually enjoy keeping my blog. Looking forward to Saturday. Have a good week.Martha

  2. Oh Cindy,thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, and for going the extra mile to list out the Etsy Dallas team members. Kudos! I’ve been keeping up with sick kiddos and trying to prep for Saturday, busy busy. So I think Organidog is going to be there on Saturday too. Thanks again, hope we get a minute to chat Saturday.Cherry

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